Thank you for helping with Strategy 2019 & Evolution 2019, We, and all the participants are very grateful. Without your help we could not put on these briliant opportunities.

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Due to the adventurous nature of the event please be as accurate as possible. The event, medical staff and its associates are not responsible for any undisclosed requirements.

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I understand that Strategy & Evolution are weekends of activities for members of the Scout and Guide Movements. No responsibility for personal equipment/clothing and effects can be accepted by the organisers. The activities will be run under the rules of the Scout Association and those who are currently members of the Scout or Guide Movement will be covered in the normal way by their Association Insurance.

During the weekends photos and videos will be taken, these will be used to help promote the events, Scouting and Guiding.

I give permission for an Organiser/Leader to sign on my behalf any written form of consent required by the hospital authorities, if the delay required to obtain my signature was considered inadvisable by the Doctor concerned.

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